Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sport Car

Most of us love to have toys. From childhood to adulthood we have a certain toy in accordance with the times we are experiencing. As a child, we may only play action figures, but when we get older, we want something more. An example is a car that has vertical doors. Sure would look cool if we ride it, like many we see in Hollywood movies.

Therefore do not be surprised if you saw a big company executive who was still eager to own or drive a fancy sports car. Everyone keep their dreams when they were young. This is of course perfectly natural for them that does have the ability to make it happen. Problems will arise when someone has a dream that is far higher than the ability to realize those dreams. Sometimes a person more likely to live in his dreams than in reality.

A luxury sports car which of course we can get, with the exchange it with a lot of money. If you ever visit or watch a video, which delivers a car in a factory making Ferrarri, you would think that's an expensive price to be reasonable because a Ferrarri car has gone through so many processes that require high skills. All human life with their own desires.

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