Saturday, July 18, 2009

How Do You Get More Traffic to Your Blog?

If you have a home based business blog you might be looking for ways to generate more traffic to it. More traffic after all will mean more prospects. Here are a few quick tips that not everyone will know about how to generate more traffic to your home business blog.

1. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is simple. It's like the bookmarks on your own computer except instead of keeping your favorite websites to yourself you're bookmarking them for everyone to see. It's a simple concept that many people just don't do. Digg is probably the most popular social bookmarking site so you might want to start there but there are literally tons of others. Bookmark your blogs to get more traffic.

2. Keywords in your blog posts

Using keywords is internet marketing 101. However, lots of people use keywords for the tags of their blog posts but not in the actual blog content it's self. Don't make this mistake. Keywords are everything online.

3. Keywords in your categories

Along with the content of your blog the categories of your blog posts are a good place to insert some keywords. So instead of "tips" try "work at home online tips" it's as simple as that.

4. Update regularly

Search engines like it when you update your blog or website regularly. So don't just post a few times and then forget about it. Update your blog at least once a week to see the best results. Some people even update every day.

5. Pictures

When you post pictures on your blog think about what you name them. Use keywords in the picture names. When people do a Google search for images they might come across your image which will lead them to your blog!

6. Choose a good domain name is probably not the best use of a domain name. While it might be easy to remember it's not going to score you any SEO points. Try something with keyword like " it's way longer but it will make all the difference in the world.

7. Create videos

Create simple videos that you can post on YouTube and Revver that promote your blog. Even if the video has nothing to do with a home based business just add the title of your blog to the end of the video and watch your blog get way more traffic. You don't even have to be on the screen sometimes a simple text based video will work just fine.

8. Articles

When using article marketing try sending some traffic to your blog rather than your website or squeeze page.

9. Commenting on other blogs

Find other blogs that have the same niche as yours and start commenting. Comment though, don't just spam! Spam is annoying and won't win you any fans.

These are just a few ideas that if you implement will defiantly help you get lots more traffic to your blog and eventually make a whole lot more money!

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